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Home Learning: 24.01.20

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling: Pages 8-11 (Synonyms, Antonyms & Pronouns). 6KH – pages 68-69 SPaG

Spelling: Wand Education Task (use Lexia Username and password All3rt0n).

Maths: Page 25 (Multiplying Decimals).

6KH – page 52 Maths


Mr Kay & Miss Hall

Of interest to any ACE boys?

Do you know a boy in year 6 (or in year 5 born before end 2009) with a sense of adventure, who loves making new friends?

Founded over 60 years ago, CISV is a Non-Profit-Organization for international and intercultural youth exchange, and it is not religious or political. Its aim is to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world. The Leeds branch is based in Roundhay, and children from this area (including many whose parents are in this group) have been taking part in international residential camps for decades.

We offer six educational programmes that begin with our Village, a camp for 10-11 year olds. The experience is amazing fun for the children as well as boosting confidence and establishing life-long global friendships.

We have filled most of our Village places for 2020 but still have room for 3 boys to attend our camps this summer in Italy and Norway. Please check out the website (cisv.org) and this short film, and respond below if you would like to find out more.


From Beauty to Ugliness

This morning as well as their Literacy 6KH have been with Mrs Lynch in the dance studio continuing their work on colour and portraying this through interpretative dance.


It has been a more sombre mood in Year 6 this afternoon as, instead of looking at beauty we began to consider the reality of the little boy in ‘The Harmonica’ being moved to a concentration camp, removed from his home and family.

The children explored what, at first, seemed to be an idyllic, beautiful, winter scene. We discussed what images we think of when we see deep snow – snowballing, sledging and snowmen with our friends. As we received each piece we began to realise that this was not the full story of this image. As the full horror of barefoot, starving children digging in the snow was realised we asked the children to take time to reflect and then in accompaniment to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings we created some very different images:


6KH Arts Fortnight

Our first day in the art studio with Mrs Johnston has been fantastic!

We started the day by introducing our text ‘The Harmonica’ by Tony Johnston (no relation!) We discussed a lot of new vocabulary such as:








After lunch we started by looking at the set-up of an orchestra, we were introduced to the different instruments and their families through Benjamin Britten’s ‘A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’.

We then began to look at Kandinsky and we listened to him discussing how he was able to hear colours through music. Kandinsky introduced us to which sounds created different colours in his opinion.

We then used this knowledge to experiment with colours that we could hear within ‘The Trout: IV Movement’ by Schubert. We used a range of mediums to help us build colour – pastels, pens, colouring pencils and water colours.

We then used our paintings to create colour wraps with material we chose to create similar effect. As you can see, many of us managed to match this up very effectively!

What a day it has been! We are really looking forward to tomorrow!



Kindertransport Writing

Some of the children’s writing this week has been fantastic! Here’s just a few of our super writers’ work below: loo


Homework tasks 17.01.2020

Hello all!

Spelling homework this week has been set on WAND online spelling. The children all have logins for this (same as Lexia). There are two assignments for Year 6 to complete – Homophones and some of the words from the statutory lists.

Maths pages – page 51

SPaG pages – page 21

I am having a couple of technical issues uploading the arithmetic this week! Hopefully I will have sorted this by Monday morning. Sorry for the wait!


Visit from the National Holocaust Centre

Today we have been lucky enough to receive a free educational visit from the National Holocaust Centre.

The children followed the journey of ‘Leo’ a German child who was 10 years old at the outbreak of World War Two.

Mrs Strauther was really impressed with the children’s knowledge about the context in Germany at the time. Hamza was able to offer an amazingly concise explanation of Hitler’s rise to power.

The children explored many primary sources from that time: toys, records, newspaper articles and photographs.

We learnt even more about Kristallnacht, some heroic stories but just as many sad details about what happened.

Throughout the session we asked and discussed many challenging questions including:

How did the Nazis define somebody as Jewish?

Could this happen again?

What is propaganda? Do we see propaganda in contemporary times?

How could a government have condoned and even encouraged persecution like this?

Huge thanks to the National Holocaust Centre for a fantastic day.

Home Learning 10.01.2020

Hello all!

What a busy week back it has been!

We have launched straight back into WW2 this week with a new focus on the war within a much wider context. We have begun looking at Kindertransport ready for a visit from the National Holocaust Museum next Wednesday. The children have been revising their knowledge from last half term to understand the context of this and to empathise with the evacuation of Jewish children.

Our driver for this half term is DEMOCRACY which forms part of the children’s values work and will undoubtedly go towards their growth as responsible British citizens.

After SATs in May, the children will be going on a trip (this is separate to residential).

We have spoken to all children and have laid down expectations, if sufficient home learning is completed each week the children will be able to go for free on the trip. We are looking to achieve at least 10-11 full ticks out of 16 weeks for this to happen.

The expectations for home learning remain the same:

Lexia units completed
TT Rockstars sessions completed
Maths books completed
SPaG homework completed
Spelling homework completed

PE Kit brought in on Friday 
Planner brought in regularly with home reading recorded

The homework pages this week are:

SPaG – Pages 90-91 (-ough spellings ready for next week)

Maths – Page 27 (Rounding decimals – follow up on today’s Maths session)

Arithmetic questions:

gold-jan-3-1 (1)

It has also come to our attention as a school this week that children are concerned about the political situation in Iran. If you would like to discuss this with them at home a great starting point is:


This has unbiased, factual information levelled specifically at children.

Have a great weekend and see you next week 🙂


Miss Hall and Mr Kay