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Welcome to the class blog of 6KH at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the watchful eye of Ms Hall we will blog to the world about what we are learning.

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Home Learning for this week

Hello all 🙂

Another week has flown by!

Our Maths homework this week is word problems on pages 16-17.

The children need to remember to:

Read the question properly.

Draw a visual if this would help.

Identify the calculations needed.

Complete the calculations.

Check you have done all steps and check answer for units.

SPaG is on page 54.

The children have a spelling activity stuck into their spelling books.

Here’s some pictures from earlier in the week when we were doing drama in RE.

Creative Club – if you were a superhero who would you be?

This week in Creative Writing Club we have been designing our graphic novel scripts!

Do we make good superheroes?

Home Learning 15.11.19

Hello all!

Another week comes to a close – how time flies by!

We had a fantastic Anti-Bullying march in the playground this afternoon which was enjoyed by all of the children and communicated a powerful message.

The homework tasks this week are: 
Maths – Page 53 and SPaG – Page 19

For their spelling homework I have asked the children to identify 5 new/interesting words in their reading book this week – copy down the sentence they feature in and to look up the definition. 

Well done to those children who handed in their homework on time – unfortunately there were quite a few who didn’t hand it in this week…I have given them a challenge that if they manage to get last week’s (see blog below) and this week’s homework done for Monday morning they will not have to use their own time to get it done!

On Monday, it’s our poetry recital in the school assembly. We will be performing the poem ‘In Flander’s Fields’ along with 6SK. I look forward to everybody being word-perfect on Monday. 

Image result for in flanders fields

See you all on Monday and have a fantastic weekend!

Miss H

Anti-bullying week

We don’t tolerate bullying here at Allerton CE – that’s the message coming out of the children this week. No room for bystanders! Bullying is bad, it makes us sad!

We have been finishing our posters ready for the march tomorrow…! We have also been working on positive affirmations this week – why are you worthy, unique and beautiful?

Everyone remember – sports kit and odd socks tomorrow!

Cosy homes for magical creatures

In our second Creative Writing Club we have been creating homes for our imaginary creatures.

Many of us had fantastic ideas from the Drox to the Winged Hedgehog and my Year 3s who created a home for Stig in the Dump (inspired by their class novel.)

We had so many fabulous conversations and are teeming with ideas ready to start writing.

Home Learning 08.11.19

Our home learning for this week is below:

SPaG pages 88-89 (-ie/-ei spellings)


Maths – Simplifying Fractions
Spelling – Choose 5 of your trickiest spellings (chosen for homework last week and create a semantic map of these.

We have also asked children to bring any family memories of WW2 into school – this could be photographs of family members, memories, discussions you have had etc.

News from the first week back.

Hello all!

We’ve had a great week back with the start of our WW2 work and a big history focus.

This half term we are reading Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. A fantastic book with a female protagonist about evacuation, helping those in need and the effect of the war on families of many kinds and nationalities.

Image result for letters from the lighthouse

This week we have been writing setting descriptions in English, learning about the chronology and causes of WWII and launching into our new topic of Light in Science.

Today we tried some swing dancing! If you’d like to give this a go at home then the below video might give you a few ideas for perfecting those steps:

Shorty George:


I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday 🙂

Miss H