The first blog of the new year

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Miss Hall has finally got to grips with the new 6KH blog! Mr Kay was just reminding me earlier that every day is a school day when he showed me how to change the text to bold with ctrl b; I feel like this blog will be a similar learning experience…!

What a fantastic first couple of weeks we have had in 6KH. I have absolutely loved getting to know you all and have enjoyed our many varied chats about: siblings, dancing, food, pigeons, cats, dogs, knock-off rucksacks, trainer preferences, Roundhay park memories and Leeds visitor tips! I look forward to many more chats over the next year. 

I’m attaching this week’s blog task below… think back to our arithmetic this week and it will certainly help you with it!

Maths Arithmetic:

The noun task relates to the homework you completed this week. 

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling: Nouns

Apologies for any confusion regarding homework hand-in this week. We will be setting more tomorrow and children will have until the following Friday to complete this. 
PE kits are needed for every Friday afternoon and the children will be having their PE lesson with Mr Kay and then a French lesson with myself. 
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!
Miss H 🙂

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