A visit from the RERF

This afternoon we had a visit from the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre.

We learnt many things during the afternoon including how Leeds make energy out of our black bin waste, exactly what we can and cannot recycle, the dangers of loose rubbish and how to make a wallet out of recycled cartons.

We also took part in some role-play in some rather ridiculous costumes!


We had lots of fun and also learnt how we can make changes in our everyday lives to help our local environment.


Research for our letters



Plastic Free Schools


Plastic Pollution – Facts and Figures




Water Quality – Facts & Figures


Climate change

Climate change – Facts & Figures


What is climate change?




Deforestation in the Amazon






Blog post – homework and reminders :)

Hi everyone,

Sorry this didn’t post on Friday, for some reason the visibility was ‘private’ so although I could see it….none of you could!

For home learning this week, we said to do the pages on formal and informal writing in our vocabulary, grammar and punctuation books. For Maths, please do the first page on sequences.


Spellings this week – I have sent home spellings in pink books for the children to complete. We are looking at:


Children need to have a go at creating a map of these – synonyms, definition, syllable breakdown, picture, similar words.



We’ve worked on column multiplication recently, here’s some questions to have a go at:

Division to be practising:

Maths a bit tricky? Keep your brain ticking over with some addition practice:

A few reminders for next week:

  • Parents’ evening is Wednesday, school closes at 13:00 (1pm).
  • PE is on Thursday afternoon this week (different to normal). 

I look forward to meeting many of you at parents’ evening on Wednesday and Thursday 🙂


Miss Hall

Class assembly tomorrow!

Hello all!

Just a quick reminder about class assembly tomorrow!

I will be running a short session for parents immediately afterwards if you would like to join me for a quick run-through of the Y6 expectations!

See you for a 9AM start 🙂

Miss Hall

Home learning for this weekend

Hello all!

A quick newsflash… It is our class assembly on Wednesday so please come along to celebrate our proudest achievements, kindness and all of our activity over the last 6 weeks.

We are really settling into our new building and hopefully you all feel at home here now.

Thanks so much to all parents who attended Wednesday’s parent welcome meeting. I look forward to meeting everyone else at parent’s evenings the week after next. If you haven’t already please make sure to book an appointment for this!

Spellings this week – here are some of the prefixes that we have been looking at this week. Can you come up with some great other examples?

Homework books was page 12 Maths (Mental Maths) and Adverbs in the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar book (Page 7).


A fantastic day at Ilkley Literature Festival!

Despite the autumnal drizzle we had a fantastic day today at Ilkley Literature Festival. The children enjoyed taking public transport and conducted themselves beautifully. Several members of the public commented on your lovely manners 🙂

We spent the morning taking part in a hunt for the bookworms and then heard the author Robin Stevens talk about her ‘A Murder Most Unladylike’ books and how to write a murder mystery book. We then had a go at writing our very own!

See below for some pictures of our day!


Ilkley Literature Festival

Image result for reading owl

Hello all 🙂

Just a last minute reminder about tomorrow’s trip if anyone was still left with any questions after our debrief this evening!

You all need to wear school uniform and a cosy, waterproof coat with a hood. Please also wear shoes that are suitable for lots of walking in the rain. Trainers and closed top school shoes are absolutely fine, or walking boots.

Please bring a packed lunch if you are not getting one from school 🙂

There will be an opportunity to purchase a book from the author. These are £6.90 each.

See you bright and early for lots of reading fun!!

Miss H

Radio silence and work for next week

Hello all!

I’ve not been very well this week and, coupled with the move, the blog has taken a back seat. Thank you for your patience during the radio silence!

The children coped with the move fantastically and I know that Mrs Kelly was super impressed with their attitudes and behaviour. They all helped and supported with the move.

Can I just take a moment to remind everybody that we need planners in school (especially on Fridays as I check them) and PE kits also on Fridays. Homework hand-in is also Friday and any children that have not completed it within the week will unfortunately stay in to re-do this on the Monday as this is important recapping.

We are visiting the Ilkley Literature Festival on Tuesday (1st October). For this day children will need:

Bag with packed lunch.
Sensible shoes for walking.
School uniform.
Money to buy books if they would wish.

Any children who have not paid or given permission by Monday evening will unfortunately be unable to attend – so make sure you nag your parents to log onto Parent Pay!

Our home learning for this week is:

Can you have a go at this passive voice challenge?



Image result for spag question on passive voice

Home tasks week 3

Hello all!

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend in the sunshine!

Please see the following information about booking parent consultation meetings for  Wednesday 16th October, and Thursday 17th October 2019.

Our homework tasks this week are: Maths page 9 (word problems) and Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling page 6 (verbs) and pages 58-59.

Booking your Parent Consultation

See below for this week’s arithmetic questions!